Momentum is building

So today I didn’t weigh in…well I did but since I was half asleep I don’t remember the number. As usual I stumbled down the stairs and brewed coffee then proceeded to drink many cups. I did also have a large glass of h2o. Cooked hubbs breakfast made his lunch. Then I ran a mile(yes only 1 mile only because I don’t want to mess my knees up again). While I am reacquainting myself with running I have been on my bike a lot. I made myself breakfast


Oatmeal with honey, strawberries and blackberries. Went shopping for a laughing Buddha and bought an armband so I can listen to music she I exercise. Went for another 1 mile run then rode my bike image

from Grand Junction to Fruita(11.37 miles) to meet hubbs. I will be leaving my bike at the shop and I will ride the moto

home with him šŸ˜€ yay!!! I  waiting for him to finish up while I write this post. Did I mention I had a DELICIOUS grilled chicken salad with a home made sweet and sour vinaigrette??? Oh so DAMN DELICIOUS!   If you want to see my physical activity you can go to strava and look for Laura Benedetto my picture is the Wendy’s girl…lol.

I  going to sign off for now but I do want to tell you what else I’ve been up to as of late, this will be another post. Until then THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS….

Off to Meeker

Well the weather didn’t cooperate for a bike ride yesterday. G took a second place trophy home for bmx. Aaron was so sick and didn’t eat birthday cake last night šŸ˜¦ anyhow I weighed in at 136.4 today, of course that was named and with nothing to eat yet. Hubbs


going for a 50 mile bike ride. This is his birthday gift to himself. I am going to Meeker to work. This will be at least a 2 hour drive.

Getting back to heathly

So I have been active all week. I just got on the scale today and realize it is TIME to get back into shape and start watching what I eat. I enrolled in a half marathon and I have not been preparing for it recently. Today I am getting back to taking care of myself. I am going to share my adventures with you. Today I weighed 140.2 I have gained a WHOPPING 22 pounds this winter!!!! YIKES! So for breakfast I had 2 egg whites and 1 egg beaten with a half baked potato, jalapenos, red bell pepper and onion! I alway have a large amount of coffee, no sugar or cream, just black. When I woke up I drank an 18 ounce glass of water and tried toĀ alternate a glass between cups of coffee. Today is my daughter’s 7th birthday. I got to make cookies to take to her class. This was hard for me not to taste test these but I got through it! LOL. Later I plan to ride my bike and jog for at least a mile before picking up my son from school. He is 11. I will keep you posted with my journey.

Half Marathon Training

I decided in January that I wanted to run a half marathon. I am not sure what possessedĀ me to tell people because that ultimatelyĀ forced me to commit. I decided to race on June 7th. I was off to a great start but then hurt my foot and knee. I was forced to take a bit of time off. I started to feel better and then traveled out-of-townĀ (Nebraska) because of a family emergency. FYI COLD and WINDY AS SH*T!!!! I have not run in quite someĀ and I am finding it hard to get back into the routine. I really need to because this is not about running, this is about shedding baggage (we all have it) and learning to count on myself.


I have also come to realized that visiting family can be exhausting as well as liberating. I have learned a lot of who I was/am and who I do not want to be while I was back in Nebraska. Needless to say I have much training to do as race day is quickly approaching and I feel like I am starting from scratch. So this is my first post in the transformation of the new me…

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.